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Do your kids mix colours - turning your dough into a grey pile of MUSH? Has your dough "accidentally" been left to dry out once too often? Are your kids dough fiends who can't get enough of the soft, calming sensory experience that is creating with playdough?

The Dough Club is for YOU!

Get fresh dough in unique colour combos delivered to your door every month. Upgrade to get dough plus accessories for a kit. Upgrade to another level if you've got two dough-loving kids at home who don't want to share! Keep yourself and your kids "in the dough" with a fresh delivery every month.

Wild Child dough is made of natural food-grade ingredients like flour, salt, cream of tartar, coconut oil & food colouring. It's made with love & care in my home studio. Each and every batch is made by me and my trusty stand mixer.